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Next summer, we hope to unveil plans for our new network association of Noon Foundation alumni – we need to come up with a catchy name for the association – and we would like as many past scholars as wish it to become members.

Then in 2022, we plan also our first reunion get-together, probably in Lahore. So, please do respond to our outreach emails, and do help put us in touch with any fellow Noon scholars. You should be able to spot those who have not yet replied as those marked with an asterisk on our VNEF website scholar pages: if you know or recognise any, please do alert us with further details. We have now sent out messages to more than 90 per cent of you – including our newest scholars from this year, Batool Asadi at Oxford and Umer Ahmed at Cambridge. Yet, more than half have not replied – and of course many of our email contracts will be long out of date. this is probably because we have used an out-of-date contact and some may not wish to be in touch, but there are others who would join our network, if only we could reach them.

Here is another example of what we have received: Dr Gala Farooq (2010, Natural Science, Homerton) shows how perspectives can be altered:

“One of the key things that I learned through the Noon Foundation was to eliminate any self-limiting impositions I have placed upon myself and to reimagine what I wanted and any possibility that I wanted to achieve in my life.

Again, if you as a scholar do not want to be contacted by us or join our plans, just let us know and we can remove you from this particular exercise. But note what Gala, who has gone to great further success, adds: “The Noon Foundation has provided me with one of the best support and mentorship experiences in my life”.

As always, please do remember to fill out our survey if you have not already.

With All Good Wishes,

Dr Paul Flather,

Chair, VNEF Fellow, Mansfield College, Oxford

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