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As I write this, students are returning to Oxford and Cambridge for the start of the new academic year, but it is, alas, to rather different college settings. The special all-round experience that Vicky Noon and the Trustees want to offer to the brightest among Pakistani scholars is one of sharing the full social, cultural, sporting, aspects of living in lively Oxbridge colleges, along with the academic and intellectual stimulus from fellow students and the dons. Covid-19 is currently on the increase in the UK, so despite ‘normalisation’ efforts, lectures will be online (for many this might even be a bonus?) and tutorials will be ‘blended’ maybe live maybe online, Still, much will be on offer and life should slowly return normal over the year.

Meanwhile, we are actively continuing our survey of all past scholars, and we invite you to please be in touch if you have not already – numbers are creeping up. We are keen to hear how the award may have helped you, as it did Awais Bajwa (2006-2009, Lady Margaret Hall, Electrical Engineering) said:

“I think the foundation is very close to my heart, not only because it helped get me to where I wanted to be and figure out things in life, but with my background, I have related and taken the ethos of the organisation together with myself both in my personal and professional life”.

Come and join our emerging alumni network – and keep in touch with news trust via the website.

With All Good Wishes,

Dr Paul Flather Chair, VNEF Fellow, Mansfield College, Oxford

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