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A first person account of a publisher’s saga, ending with a new beginning out on hold by Covid-19. Read more


Award on Restoring scholarship and academic freedom in Czech and Slovak Nations (2020). 

Paul Flather (Balliol 1973) was awarded the Czech Ambassador’s Honorary Jan Masaryk Silver Medal for ‘special contributions’ supporting the development of the Czech and Slovak nations. Here Paul and fellow medal winner Alan Montefiore each reflect on their experiences. Read more


What role for the Commonwealth in the new normal – AD (after the Disease)?

When written in Chinese, the word crisis contains two elements – one ‘danger’, and the other ‘opportunity’. One might ponder how the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis might impact on the Commonwealth – threats but also opportunities? Read more


Sir Nicholas Barrington's conference on The History of Lahore, Wolfson College, Cambridge (2017).

A summary publication emerged from the event - The History of Lahore and the Preservation of its Historic Buildings. Read more

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