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25th Anniversary Dinner – 30th June, 2019

St Peter’s College, University of Oxford New Inn Hall St, Oxford OX1 2DL, UK

The Trust celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first awards in 1994 to three Noon Scholars at a special reception and Gala Dinner, hosted at St Peter’s College, Oxford, in June 2019, with more than 60 trustees, friends, supporters, donors, and former Noon scholars.


Please watch some of the fine speeches shared at the special event from the Chair of the Foundation, from His Excellency, the UK High Commissioner from Pakistan, from Mrs Naila Hayat Noon, a trustee and representing the founding Noon family, and eight specially selected current and former Noon Scholars.

Over the past two years the Trust has provided more than some £2 million worth of support, leveraging perhaps more than £3 million, making a total of more than £5 million of support for more than 200 Noon scholars over 25 years.

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