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Professor Haroon Ahmed, ScD, FREng


Former Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. He is now an Honorary Fellow of the College and is Emeritus Professor of Microelectronics at the University of Cambridge and was Head of the Microelectronics Research Centre of the Cavendish Laboratory. He has taught in the Engineering and Physics Departments and is the author of several books and research papers on electronics. He was elected a Fellow of Corpus Christi College in 1967 and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1990 and was a non-Executive Director of the NHS Addenbrooke’s Trust. He is now a Visiting Professor at the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, and he is now writing on historical books on Cambridge and Oxford. Cambridge Computing and Cambridge Depicted were published in 2013.

Professor Andrew Goudie

Former Professor of Geography, Pro-Vice Chancellor, and Master of St Cross College (2003-11) at Oxford University. A main research focus has been the Karakorum Mountains, where he led a Royal Geographical Society expedition in 1980 to examine where the tectonic plates collide, and the numerous intensive and destructive natural phenomena that result, such as earthquakes, mud flows, and floods. He received the RGS Royal Medal in 1991, Royal Belgian Academy prize in 2002, and has been President of the International Association of Geomorphologists and the Geographical Association. He was a Fellow of Hertford College , Oxford, from 1984 to 2003. He devotes a chapter to Pakistan and India in his textbook Great Warm Deserts of the World (OUP 2002).

Dr Humayun Khan (1992-2015)


Dr Khan has had a distinguished career as a civil servant in Pakistan and for the Commonwealth. He is a Former Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi and in London, and also served as Pakistan Foreign Secretary, the top civil service post in the department. He was then appointed Director of the Commonwealth Foundation, based in London where he served with distinction for many years. He was a founding Trustee of the Noon Educational Foundation and a close friend of Lady Noon, serving as Chairman in the mid-1990s.

Professor Dame Louise Johnson DBE, FRS (2001-2012)

David Phillips Professor of Molecular Biophysics, a former Professorial Fellow at Corpus Christi College, and Honorary Fellow of Somerville College, University of Oxford. She graduated from University College London in Physics and completed her PhD at the Royal Institution, London in Molecular Biophysics. She was appointed to the Professorship of Molecular Biophysics in 1990. She served on many national and international committees for the administration of science and had special interests in promoting science in the developing countries. She passed away in 2012.

Mr Manzoor Hayat Noon (1994-2011)


Son of Sir Firoz Khan Noon, he studied Jurisprudence at Wadham College, Oxford. After graduation he returned to Pakistan and worked in marketing for Burmah Shell at Dacca, Karachi and Lahore. He later served as chair of the Noon Group in Pakistan, was a member of the Federal Council of Pakistan in the 1980s, and Vice President of the SOS Children’s Villages in Pakistan since its inception.

Mr John Baron T.D (1992-2002)


Graduate of Downing College Cambridge, he worked all his life as a professional solicitor. A former School Governor, member of the Trustees Endowment Funds of the United Birmingham Hospitals (Teaching), formerly Birmingham Health Authority member. He also served in the Royal Artillery N.S and Territorial Army for 25 years. He was a founding Trustee and Secretary to the Board, having been instructed by Lady Noon in setting up the VNEF.

The Hon. William Grosvenor (1992-97)


Founding Chair of the VNEF, he studied at Eton College, the University of Perugia and Trinity College, Oxford. He was a first cousin to HH the Aga Khan, and had a background in marketing communications, having represented the Government of Pakistan, British Aerospace, West Merchant Bank and Gulf Oil. He also worked on projects in the UK, France, China, Austria and Germany and served as a Trustee of the Ludwig Keimer Foundation. He passed away in 2002.

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