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Posted on 10 June 2021 by Noon

SOAS Charles Wallace Pakistan Fellowship 2021 - 2022

Who is the fellowship for? One fellowship is awarded annually by the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust to a Pakistani scholar whose research and career would particularly benefit from the opportunity of spending 3 months at SOAS. The 3 month placement, located within the SSAI, is ordinarily taken up between January and May.


Closing date for applications: Monday, 17 September 2021

Exorbitant fees deprive capital students of higher education

The exorbitant fee structure of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) colleges in comparison to the provinces in Pakistan has made it difficult for the students of low-income groups to afford to acquire higher education, reports APP, 13th March 2021.  Read more here APP, 13th March 2021. Read more here

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