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The Lady Viqarunnissa and Sir Firoz Khan Noon Educational Foundation (VNEF) was established in 1992 by Lady Viqarunnissa Noon to support scholars from Pakistan to study at leading universities, primarily in the United Kingdom.


The Foundation is committed to making a number of full, or partial, awards every year to support candidates brought up and educated in Pakistan, studying Engineering, Natural and Social Sciences, and also, for the foreseeable future, the Arts and Humanities, at leading universities – currently deemed by the Trustees to be the world-class Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.




The following criteria are used by the Trustees to guide their decisions in selecting Noon Scholars:

  •  normally be domiciled in Pakistan;

  •  normally have studied for 12 (or more) years in Pakistani schools, colleges or universities;

  • not have had opportunities to study abroad previously (and certainly not at university level in Europe, North America or Australasia);

  • high academic merit;

  • financial need;

  • excellent command of the English language;

  • demonstrate intention to return to Pakistan to pursue a career or engage in further research;

  • clear indication of future potential contribution to Pakistani society, culture and life on their return.

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