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Our LinkedIn Foundation page continues to flourish. A huge thankyou to all those who have responded and sent messages, contact information, and comments via that. We are going to feature news about individual Noon Scholars on the site and also, from time to time,on the website. If you feel you have a relevant piece of such news, we can certainly explore this with you.

Our survey outreach work continues and we thank all those who are helping us with this. We love to hear about the ways your Noon award may have inspired you. Dr Muhammad Yaqoob (2001, St Peter’s College, DPhil Synthetic Organic Chemistry), who has held a post at Reading University, writes of a wonderful initiative:

“When I was at Oxford I tried to start a collaboration with scholars from Karachi University, and with my DPhil supervisor we started a collaboration through the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and were able to help 7 scholars come over to work for one year in a chemistry lab.”

Congratulations to Muhammad – and also thanks to him for helping us over recent months to greatly improve our website. Let me wish good wishes for a better (and happier) New Year!

As always, please do remember to fill out our survey if you have not already.

With All Good Wishes, Dr Paul Flather

Chair, VNEF,

Fellow, Mansfield College, Oxford

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